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reducing operating costs

User Experience

Increasing sales and profits is only possible if the customer has an unforgettable experience with the product or service received.

In the last 6 years, with our research and engineering area, we have implemented business solutions with our technology.

your company united

Sales and backoffice solutions

We help you with the design and construction of the solution to increase sales, reduce costs and facilitate teamwork

  • Communications: Streamline internal communications and foster a spirit of collaboration. Contact Cener Omnicanal.
  • Project and tasks: Helps understand who is doing what and effectively distributes the workload.
  • CRM: Model the sales cycle by automating processes, facilitating marketing activity and increasing digital presence
  • Backoffice: Organizes areas, approvals and applications online, organizes your documents with retention tables
  • Stores and websites: Beautiful sites and destination websites that help you sell more.
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connected with the world

Telephone Solution. 

IP Voice

We help you implement the IP telephony solution, with unified communications in a Contact Center. Save costs by cutting equipment and using Internet call and video conferencing.

  • PBX: Licensing based on the number of simultaneous calls and not by extensions.
  • Video Conference: Includes video call with external both in mobile app, and in the browser.
  • Contact center:  Manage your service center with call queues, IVRs, call supervisor, dashboard and reports.
  • CRM Integration: Native connector with Bitrix24 and other CRMs that helps keep track of the call.
  • Internet Lines: Connect Sip trunks and decrease call billing by 80%
Our IP experts understand your needs and build an architecture for your business. Call us!


Customer service solution

Our products help your sales, marketing, support, IT and human resources teams deliver the best customer experiences.

  • Frehdesk: Empower your team to solve your customers' tickets
  • Freshservice: Internal IT support desk, effective with ITIL processes that maintain stable services
  • Freshcaller: Cloud Phone System for All Enterprise and Customer Service Center Sizes

Our platform experts will understand your process to model and implement the required solution with Freshworks tools.